SureProtect Endure & SureProtect Design

Material must be installed in environmentally controlled conditions.

1. Allow the SureProtect Endure or Design Sheet to lie flat at room operating temperature for 24 hours prior to installation. During installation, the wall and wallcovering must be 18°C or above. The wall must be dry and free of dirt, dust, loose paint, wax and grease. Any coatings applied to the wall to improve cleaning may affect the adhesion. All such coatings must be removed. Dependent on substrate, priming may be required. If fitting over a floorcovering that runs up the wall then it is crucial that it is properly adhered to prevent a wave effect at the bottom of the sheet.

WARNING: Installing SureProtect Endure and Design sheet material in conditions other than the operating temperature of the installation can lead to problems of ‘bubbling’ or shrinkage.

2. A universal finishing trim (SPEUFT) may be used as part of the installation for joining or finishing. When doing so, cut each item to the appropriate length using a utility knife and slide them onto the sheet prior to applying adhesives.

3. If cutting is required score the sheet using a heavy-duty utility knife & straight blade and cut through using a hook blade. Then apply the proprietary adhesive (see below) to the wall as per the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions. Position the sheet on the wall, peel back one half of the sheet and apply adhesive to the reverse side, then repeat this for the opposite side. Seal with silicone sealant, weld rod or use the universal finishing trim. When using silicone sealant or weld rod it is paramount to ensure the joint and immediate area is clean and free of dust and debris. When a butt joint is used leave a 2 to 3mm gap between sheets to allow for expansion.

4. With all methods, after the sheet is on the wall, apply even pressure with a roller. Roll the entire surface to ensure proper bonding.

Fitters Tips: Always use a laser level, a sharp blade, a good straightedge to score along and a multi-tool for cutting out tricky parts such as plug sockets and pipework.

Recommended adhesive products for SureProtect Endure & Design PVC-u PVC-u Sheet The adhesives stated below have been tested and approved to give satisfactory bonding of SureProtect Endure & Design to the substrate and to ensure fire performance to EN 13501-1 Class B-s3,d0.

Gradus Limited provides this information only as guidance and the legal responsibility for the supply and performance of the adhesives listed below shall remain the sole responsibility of the relevant manufacturer.

By providing this information, Gradus Limited does not imply any equivalents between each of the different manufacturers’ products, or that other products would prove unsatisfactory. However, use of adhesives not recommended by Gradus should be supported by a guarantee from the adhesive supplier for satisfactory bonding and to maintain strict fire performance.

Application of the named adhesive must be actioned in strict accordance with the relevant manufacturers’ instructions. If you have any queries regarding adhesives, please contact the adhesive manufacturer directly.