We have designed a new type of cubical bed screen top clip system for a perfect and most sturdy system in use today in all new hospitals.

REASON; the old types of system especially the old yakota silver line system, that has been used in hospitals in the past … created a huge problem , as that the fixing method was to install through the track , thus creating a serious fixing issue and by always screwing through the channel for the wheel runners, continuously created a screw burr , and eventually with constant manipulations over these areas ,resulted in the rail from working loose and as the installer of even this product … it created a maintenance issue for all hospital staff/doctors etc. Please note the design is so practical, as the installer ( in house ) fixers the top clip to main tees and cross tees .. once installed to the custom design, via a hydraulic system to architects/ clients requirements. The custom manufactured cubical rail is simply clipped into place .. to a size to size clipping system, of which once clipped cannot be removed .

In addition to the cubical rail system , your drip rail system is of the same format of installation, and giving uniformity to your railing system . All natural anodised to a 10 micron ..soft allow .. finished product.

Curtaining- Hospi track with an overseas company have developed a new polyester, non-stain , anti-microbial, water – repellent to having blood or other problems accruing around the bed areas for cubical curtain, with no stitching , netting air vented system for the African market .Giving your client a total of 10 year usage compared to the average 4 to 5 years usage .

Cost wise we are the most cost effective supplier and installers of all the above product in SA .

The only cubical curtain manufactures associated with sabs in SOUTH AFRICA